Schedule and Tuition

Academic Schedule for the Josephinum Diaconate Institute Distance Learning Program


Summer 2018

Fall 2018

Spring 2019

Academic Year

2017-18 2018-19 2018-2019

Class Start

May 14 Sept 10 January 14

Last day to Drop

 June 4 Sept 28 February 4

Classes End

Aug 3  Dec 7 April 5

Holiday Break


Novl 19-23


Final Exam/Paper

Aug 6-10  Dec 10-14 April 8-12

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 Course Format Continuing Formation and Candidacy Courses
Duration  12 weeks of classes
+ a final exam/paper week
6 weeks of classes
+ 1 final exam/paper week
Credit Hours 2 Credits 1 Credit


JDI Tuition

2017-18 Cost
per Credit Hour 

2018-19 Cost 
per Credit Hour

Single Course



Multiple courses in a semester for an individual student or  multiple students in a diocesan program.



Signed Diocesan Commitment of 20 or more students+courses per academic year



Signed Diocesan Commitment of 40 or more students+courses per academic year




Note:   Wives of Deacon or Deacon Candidates may participate in the classes their husband takes at no cost.  They will be registered as "audit" students and will not receive a certificate or graduate credits.  To enroll, please click the ADD WIFE button in the student profile page.  If a wife would like a certificate or graduate credit, they must enroll as a regular student and pay the associated fees.  To enroll a wife as a regular student, use the New Student button on the home page rather than the add wife button in the student profile 

Payment for courses is due two weeks before the start of class and access to course materials will be suspended if payment is not made by the end of the third week of classes.   

Summer 2018 COURSES
 - Classes: May 14th to August 3rd - Final Exams: August 6th-10th. 

The Summer courses for the Josephinum Diaconate Institute at the Pontifical College Josephinum are listed below.  
Click on the course number to see the course description in the online catalog.

Twelve Week Candidacy and Continuing Formation Courses for the Summer Semester




DO725DE Sacramental Theology Deacon William Ditewig, Ph.D.
DO801DE Introduction to Diaconate Ministry Deacon Frank Iannarino, MA
HS501DE Church History Eric Graff, Ph.D.
MO602DE Catholic Social Teaching Deacon Clarke Cochran, Ph.D.
PA651DE Better Homilies Deacon Kevin Mastellon, MBA
PA990DE Introduction to Grief Counseling Deanna Chvatal, MA, LMFT

 More to come.  Please send your suggestions to:  Deacon Ben LoCasto, Director of Online Learning and Distance Education 


Courses requested for specific dioceses.  Only students from these dioceses may enroll as the classes are at maximum.





BI510DE The Pentateuch Harrisburg Chris Seeman, Ph.D.
DO601DE Christology Las Cruces Deacon Michael Ross, Ph.D.
HS602DE Patristics Harrisburg Deacon David Lopez, Ph.D.