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The Josephinum Diaconal Review is published in the Fall (September/October) and Spring (March/April).  An annual subscription to the JDR includes two issues.  


The JDR publishes essays and book reviews addressing a range of topics of interest to those in the Order of Deacons and diaconal  ministry. The vision of the Institute positions the JDR as a significant resource for the formation of deacons and an essential component in the continuing formation for deacons. 

Deacon James Keating, a member of the faculty of the Institute for Priestly Formation at Creighton University in Omaha, NE is the editor.  Deacon Michael Berstene of the Diocese of Norwich CT and Director of Planning and Development for the Josephinum Diaconate Institute is the Managing Editor. 

The JDR Current Issue #5 - Fall 2017 includes the following essays:

The Preaching of Scripture according to Dei Verbum by Leroy Huizenga, Ph.D.

Amoris Laetitia, Culpability, and Communion: The Gospel Context of Pope Francis’s Teaching on  Divorce and Remarriage  by Matthew J. Ramage, Ph.D.

Reflections on a Theology of the Deacon as the Icon of Christ the Servant—Part I by Deacon Michael Ross, Ph.D.

The Diaconate: Development and Perspectives by Deacon Tony Schmitz

At the Axis of Holiness: Biblical Insights on the Levites  and Diaconal Ministry Today by Steven C. Smith, Ph.D.

Ongoing Formation in Catechesis: Learning the Art of Making Everything Easier by Petroc Willey, Ph.D.

Book Review - Silence and Other Jesuit Virtues by Deacon Michael Ross, Ph.D.

Deacon Keating has appointed an Editorial Advisory Board of 14 members, chaired by the Most Rv. Frederick Campbell, Bishop of Columbus, OH. 

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In February 2014, the Board of Trustees of the Pontifical College Josephinum approved the acquisition of the New Diaconal Review by the Josephinum Diaconate Institute. 

The New Diaconal Review had been published in the United Kingdom for the past five years by the International Diaconate Centre - North European Circle.  Deacon Tony Schmitz of the Diocese of Aberdeen, Scotland, served as editor.  Beginning with the April 2015 issue, the journal has been renamed the Josephinum Diaconal Review (JDR).